Common Fears as We Get Older & How to Conquer Them

Some jots and thoughts from my caravan… A friend asked me the other day if I was fearful.  I had to think for a few minutes.  I can feel fear, sometimes wearing a scary face like the Joker, sometimes sort of see through like a ghost, sometimes like a kid throwing mud pies, dirty and […]

What are you waiting for? Plant Miracles.

What are you doing reading this?  Get outside NOW.  Buy some plants.  NOW.          Do you feel it?  Spring.  In full blast some places and inching forward in others. I get impatient in winter.  I know it is necessary for all the flora to rest and all that, but it seems to linger on and on.  […]

Here’s to a new decade!

I am so excited about the next decade. I don’t think I could have crammed anymore in during the last 10 years but I plan on upping my productivity big time during the 2020’s. And I’m starting off by going to spend time with the manatees in Florida starting tomorrow. Oh, Happy New Year too. […]

Rainbows and stuff

Rained like crazy, then a rainbow and today a good hiking day. Like life. The rainbow is a good sign right now. Sending some out for everyone. People in the camp have decorated their rigs and their areas with all things Christmas. Cute. Not me. Where do they put all that stuff? Yikes. I have […]

On the Road Again

On the road again tomorrow and leaving the rain of California and heading east. I have a ton of writing to do before the end of the year so I plan on focusing on that goal. How are your goals coming along? Anything you want to finish up? To put it in perspective. I made […]

Caution: Hugs ahead!

What is the right number of hugs you need per day? I was doing some research on the well known family therapist Virginia Satir and came across her hug therapy formula. 4 hugs for survival, 8 hugs for maintenance and 12 HUGS for growth. Well, I must be a shriveled up piece of seaweed. Then […]

Planning ahead….or not.

Kissing the trees and the growie things and the critters goodbye in the morning and heading to Santa Cruz for a… well, until I decide to move on. Not planning too far ahead.

Life Can Be a Slippery Slope…Keep your Goals Clearly in Mind

My hike today reminded me of life. Some of the trail was slippery, some was rocky, some was tricky as I tried to maneuver walking on the exposed roots, some was uphill and some downhill and often going around or over obstacles. So my goal was to get to the waterfall which I did and […]

Delegating. It’s a Matter of Life and Breath!

How is your week going? I’m nestled in the Redwoods at the edge of Jedediah Smith State Park and boy, is it wonderful. I’ve been working on my internet marketing and it is even going better now that I have an assistant to help me figure out what is going well and what I need […]

A Different Perspective

Loving the Redwoods and walking in the giants. Nothing like it that I have experienced. Had to lie down on the forest floor and take the photo. Didn’t want to get up. I love this quote: We never look deeply into the quality of a tree; we never really touch it, feel its solidity, its […]