The Oura Ring

Kathleen has discovered a new gadget and it’s one of her faves! It’s called the Oura Ring and it’s designed to slip on your finger and the little nodules inside get to work monitoring your body’s stats.

Kicking Change and Uncertainty in the Butt

Here we are dear people, smack dab in the middle of a rushing stream of change and uncertainty.  It’s hot and this stream isn’t cooling anything down very fast… at least the part I’m standing in.  How’s it feel where you are? I’m not wonky about change like some people are. I know we can’t […]

5 Ways to Embrace Living Alone

Originally published on SixtyandMe Some of us choose to live alone and others are faced with it due to circumstances such as death of a spouse or partner. It’s what we do after we live alone that matters, and I am going to share 5 ways to get the most out of this situation. According to […]

A Sunday Drive is Still in Fashion

Kathleen gets our engines revved up with a reminder to get out there and enjoy a Sunday drive! Check out what day trips are suggested in your area, fill the gas tank and pack a picnic lunch!

5 Things I Do to Change Negative Self-Chatter

Originally published on Sixty&Me Self-talk or chatter is a tricky thing. There are so many layers to what we think and say, how we treat people, and how we treat ourselves. Did you know that every single day, we speak 7,000 words out loud, on average? The real question is, how many words do we […]

Five Day Laser Focus Challenge

Kathleen shares her brief insights on what she learned in Dr. Paul Scheele’s Five Day Laser Focus Challenge. In this Challenge, Dr. Scheele shares how you can easily gain a greater sense of peace and help you focus to get more done. You’re never too old to get laser focused!