Keeping Your Word Podcast

Kathleen asks the tough question – Do you keep your word with promises & agreements? Whether family or friends or yourself, we need to keep our promises. It’s so easy to make agreements but it’s so easy to lose trust, credibility and respect. Kathleen reminds all of us to be accountable for our promises & agreements with 3 simple tips.

Setting A Purpose Podcast

Kathleen had a great epiphany recently while talking with a long-time mentor who gave me some great advice on setting a purpose. Once she started applying that advice, her work and days flow a lot easier because she set a purpose. A shift in mindset can make a lot of difference! You can apply this technique in most tasks in your life!

Chronic Complainers Podcast

Kathleen has some words of advice about chronic complainers. Do you find they suck the air out of the room? When you see their name come up on your phone do you get a big hit of anxiety right in the gut and feel a dark cloud appearing overhead. Well, Kathleen has several tips on how you can handle chronic complainers.

Giddy Over Gadgets Podcast

Kathleen has discovered a new gadget! It’s called the Oura Ring and it’s designed to slip on your finger and the little nodules inside get to work monitoring your body’s stats. It connects with a smart phone app and you can easily read all the data. It’s super COOL!

Passionate About Podcasts

In this podcast, Kathleen shares her new found interest in,,, podcasts! Having listened to audio books for a long time, she is really enjoying these quick stories. Her new favorite podcast is from This is Love – Episode 22 – Prairie Warbler. This storyteller loves listening to other story tellers! Listen up! You’re never too old to expand your knowledge! Watch Kathleen’s video!

You’re Never Too Old to Take Great Photos Podcast

Kathleen has recently discovered the beauty of close up photos using her new Moment Macro lens. Just attaching this macro lens to your smart phone will bring you hours of photo fun! So let’s go macro! Remember, you’re never too old to take great photos.

The Art of Listening Podcast

Kathleen shares her insights on the art of listening and how important it is to REALLY listen. When someone really listens it allows your creativity and imagination to wake up and take note!