The Smart Swiss Army Knife of Aging E-book

One really useful tool that I have used for years is the Swiss Army Knife. No, I have not stabbed anyone with it, but it did cross my mind a time or two with some pretty jerky people. Always good to have choices.

But using that knife just recently reminded me of how ingenious we are as people when given a problem to solve. We have an immense storehouse of knowledge we can use, so take on the pesky and not so pesky irritations that show up in life.


This e-book is meant to empower you with the information and tools you need to challenge aging. It will give you tips and tricks you can implement now and include in your daily routine moving forward. 

I’m starting a movement that not only challenges the current norms about getting older but allows us to live at peak performance all during the second half of our lives.

If we’re going to do this aging thing then let’s have a boatload of fun and use all the tools we have for any issue that comes in our path.


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