Giddy Over Gadgets Podcast

Kathleen has discovered a new gadget! It’s called the Oura Ring and it’s designed to slip on your finger and the little nodules inside get to work monitoring your body’s stats. It connects with a smart phone app and you can easily read all the data. It’s super COOL!

OK – I’m Ranting…Wearing a Mask or Not?

I didn’t want to write about this Covid-19 thing at all. Not that I am not interested but because everyone else is writing about it too. Overload. But this has gone too far. I don’t watch the news, but I do travel around a lot in my RV and it is fairly easy to see […]

I’m 75. Here’s How I’m Staying Positive During This Pandemic

I have been told that at my age of 75 I am at the highest risk when it comes to the coronavirus. Yet, as people share their concerns with me about my health, my response is always “thank you for sharing” before moving on to another thought or task. I am not dismissing the danger […]