Lean into Your Dark Shadowy Places!

2020 Made Me Fall in Love with Being Uncomfortable  Oh 2020, you will be remembered but not missed.  First, let’s begin by taking a moment to stop and thank last year for pushing us out of our comfort zone–or should I say slamming us out!? If you really take a look at what 2020 did […]

Kicking Change and Uncertainty in the Butt

Here we are dear people, smack dab in the middle of a rushing stream of change and uncertainty.  It’s hot and this stream isn’t cooling anything down very fast… at least the part I’m standing in.  How’s it feel where you are? I’m not wonky about change like some people are. I know we can’t […]

5 Ways to Embrace Living Alone

Originally published on SixtyandMe Some of us choose to live alone and others are faced with it due to circumstances such as death of a spouse or partner. It’s what we do after we live alone that matters, and I am going to share 5 ways to get the most out of this situation. According to […]

5 Things I Do to Change Negative Self-Chatter

Originally published on Sixty&Me Self-talk or chatter is a tricky thing. There are so many layers to what we think and say, how we treat people, and how we treat ourselves. Did you know that every single day, we speak 7,000 words out loud, on average? The real question is, how many words do we […]

Taking in the Rain

The other day I got in my car and melted a little more when the temperature read 107 degrees and I was parked in the shade.  Holy crap.  It is only May and this hot already. I cranked up the max hurricane force A/C and fan and my daughter’s dog had her nose right on […]

The More We Travel, The More We Understand Ourselves & Others

Staying safe on the road and still meeting and visiting with people…my thoughts and opinion. I live alone, I travel alone, and I eat alone.  I also sleep alone and really just do most everything alone.  And yet I have lots of friends and socialize and manage to have a full dance card.  Hmm.  This […]

What’s this about food on the road?

I grind my coffee every morning.  No, I don’t mean I push a button on a grinder.  I put the beans in a little cylinder in my Java Press grinder, attach the grinding handle and grind away.  Then I make a wonderful cup of coffee with my Aero Press coffee plunger thingy. Right now, I […]

Traveling Solo – Creating Adventure on Your Own Terms

Traveling gets my energy flow rambling around looking for action.  My senses yell at me “we’re awake, ready to roll.”  What’s a girl to do?  Get out there is the only way I have found to bring a little calm.  And just a little because every one of my senses band together on high alert […]

A Trickle of Time

Holy Smoke!!! How is everyone doing? Has time slowed down to a trickle? I don’t even know what day it is anymore because I have no reference point and they are all the same. And I am taking advantage of this time to get some writing done. I thought for sure I would be finished […]

I’m 75. Here’s How I’m Staying Positive During This Pandemic

I have been told that at my age of 75 I am at the highest risk when it comes to the coronavirus. Yet, as people share their concerns with me about my health, my response is always “thank you for sharing” before moving on to another thought or task. I am not dismissing the danger […]